Zoom’s heart is not filled with the retrenchment of 1300 employees, now the President’s ‘vacation’

Video sector giant Zoom has fired its President Greg Tomb. Tomb was selected for the position of President in June 2022 itself.

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Video sector giant Zoom has its president Greg Tomb has been fired from the job. Earlier the company Eric Yuan Had fired 1300 employees from the company only last month. According to reports, Zoom has announced the departure of its President Greg Tombs from the company without any reason. It had been less than a year for the President to work on Zoom. Tomb was selected by Zoom for the position of President in June 2022 itself. According to reports, the Zoom company has not placed anyone else in place of Tomb.

Earlier, Zoom CEO Eric Yuan had fired 15 percent of the employees in February. Due to this decision, 1,300 employees of the company were affected. Apart from this, the CEO has also announced that he will reduce his salary by 98 percent in the coming financial year and will not take advantage of his annual corporate bonus this time.

Target to increase women workforce by 50 percent

According to reports, a target has been set by Britannia Industries to increase its women workforce from 41 percent to 50 percent by 2024. The company’s manufacturing chief Indranil Gupta said that the company has a workforce of more than 1 lakh employees with 15 manufacturing plants owned by the company and 35 contract and franchise units in India. He also said that the company’s Madurai unit has around 1,400 employees, of which 65 per cent are women. According to reports, the reason for increasing female workforce is that women are more hygienic and are more capable for such jobs. According to media reports, he also said that growth has been seen in the company due to the presence of more women representatives in the company.

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