Your child can be infected with H3N2 and Adenovirus together, know the methods of prevention from experts

Adenovirus and H3N2: influenza virus Of H3N2 subtype cases are increasing continuously, on the other hand in West Bengal adenovirus continues to wreak havoc. So far many children have died due to this virus in Bengal. both of these respiratory infection harm the jolangs. Both viruses cause pneumonia and can lead to death. Doctors say that the infection of these two viruses can happen together. In such a situation, it is necessary to protect them.

Adenovirus and influenza cause complaints of cough and cold, headache and muscle pain. Both viruses can also cause respiratory problems. In such a situation, even if the child has mild symptoms, then carelessness should not be done. Let us know from experts how to protect children from adenovirus and influenza.

watch for symptoms

Senior Physician and Pediatrician Dr. Arun Shah Told in a conversation with TV9 that the symptoms of adenovirus are similar to flu, but this virus causes severe symptoms, such as the risk of pneumonia in adenovirus is high. Adenovirus easily engulfs children with weak immunity. In children with weak immunity, this virus damages the lungs. There is a lack of oxygen in the body and the condition of the child may worsen. If the child is having cough, cold, headache or wheezing sound with breath, then these are symptoms of adenovirus. In this situation, the child should be taken to the hospital immediately.

Infection of two viruses can happen simultaneously

Dr. Kamaljit Singh Kainth, senior physician in Delhi, says that infection of two viruses can also happen simultaneously. Although such cases are rare, but if it happens then it can be dangerous. In this situation, the body has to fight two viruses simultaneously, which can be fatal in many cases. Dr. Singh says that cough and cold in children in this season should not be taken lightly. Especially take special care of children below 5 years.

This is how to protect children

keep the body hydrated

avoid taking the kids out

do not touch children with dirty hands

do not come in contact with an infected person

If you have cough and cold for more than two days, see a doctor immediately.

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