You can donate these four organs even while alive, know what is the process

Organ Donation: Due to the increasing burden of diseases organ failure The problem of being is also increasing. If the organ gets damaged, then the person dies, but the patient’s life can be saved by transplant, for which organ donor is required, but not every patient can get a donor, due to which he dies. . Government figures show that every year lakhs of people in India need an organ for transplant, but only a few thousand get it. This is because people organ donation There is a lack of information regarding.

Most believe that organs can be donated only after death, whereas it is not so. You can donate your four organs even while you are alive. Which can save the life of a patient in the family. Kidney, liver, intestine and lungs can be donated. Any healthy person can donate these organs. Due to this donation, there is no problem in the body later. Donor can lead a healthy life.

Liver and intestines regenerate in the body

Professor in the Department of Medicine at Safdarjung Hospital Dr Jugal It is said that there is a lack of awareness about organ donation. In rural areas, superstition is very high. Many times people shy away from donating organ even to their family members. They feel that by donating organs, they will not be able to spend their life properly, whereas it is not so. Any healthy person can donate one kidney, one lung and some part of liver and intestines.

If a person donates a kidney, then he can live with the help of one kidney for the rest of his life. Similarly, a lung can also be donated. However, it has to be seen that the person donating the lungs does not have a smoking habit. As far as donating the liver and intestines is concerned, both of these parts are made in the body. If you donate a part of liver or intestine to someone, then after some time these organs become fully developed again in your body. Donating these organs can save the life of a patient in the family.

process of organ donation

In the process of organ donation, the blood samples of the donor and the receiver are matched. You can donate this organ to any member of your family and that too only if there is a sample match. Blood group is seen during the process of transplant. It is also necessary that the person who has to undergo organ transplant should be in the same hospital or if the distance is not too long in any other hospital. Organ transplant should be done in four to five hours. Although the life of each organ is different. The corneas of the eyes can be kept for several days, while it is better to transplant liver and kidney and within 6 hours.

There are broadly two methods of organ donation. First live donor as it has been told that a living person can donate this organ. The second condition is of brain dead. In this, a stroke occurs due to an injury to the head. In brain dead, the brain stops working forever, but the heart beat continues. Due to the functioning of the heart, the blood supply continues in all the organs. Due to this the parts of the body remain alive. The team of doctors checks.

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