Why is Indonesia changing the capital, where and how will the new capital be, why is it forbidden to go?

Due to global warming and climate change, many cities of the world are facing the danger of drowning. One of these cities also has a name for the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta. But this is not the only reason that Indonesia is going to change its capital. The Indonesian government is in the process of moving the current capital from Jakarta to the island of Borneo.

Officials say that the new capital will be set up on Borneo, which will be a sustainable forest city. It is claimed that the new city will be developed keeping the environment in mind and its target will be zero carbon emissions by the year 2045.

Why did Indonesia come to change the capital, what will the new capital be like and where the city will be set up, why is it forbidden for the public to go there at the moment? Let’s try to understand.

Why is the capital being changed?

The current capital of Indonesia, Jakarta, has a population of around one crore, while three times more people are living nearby. Jakarta is being described as the fastest sinking city in the world.

Based on the current rate of Jakarta’s sinking in the Java Sea, it is estimated that by 2050 one-third of the city could be submerged. Apart from climate change, uncontrolled exploitation of ground water is also a major reason for this.

The level of pollution in Jakarta is increasing. The air and water here are very polluted. Every year there is flood here and even the roads and streets get jammed.

The economy loses $ 4.5 billion every year in cleaning up the dirt that spreads due to flood silt. To get rid of these problems, President Joko Widodo has decided to build a new capital.

How will the new capital be?

As the new capital of Indonesia, the government has envisaged setting up the city of Nusantara on the island of Borneo. The aim is to build a sustainable city in the form of the island of Borneo. The Javanese word Nusantara means- Archipelago. The population will be kept limited in the new capital.

The Indonesian government wants to build government buildings and official residences from the ground up. Initial estimates were that more than 1.5 million civil officials would be transferred from Jakarta, about 2000 km northeast. However, the government is still working to finalize it.

A National Capital Authority has been formed regarding Nusantara. According to the head of this authority, Bambang Susanto, the new capital will be developed on the concept of Forest City ie ‘forest city’, where 65 percent of the area will be reforested.

Why is it forbidden to go to the new capital?

Mixed reactions are being seen regarding the new capital of Indonesia. Media in the Associated Press were allowed to visit parts of the site to see the progress of construction in early March. However, in view of the voices of protest from experts and people, at present only limited people are being allowed to go to the site of the new capital.

However, the new capital is expected to be inaugurated on August 17 next year on the occasion of Indonesia’s Independence Day. However, according to officials associated with the authority, the final phase of its development will be completed in 2045, the year in which Indonesia will also celebrate its 100th anniversary.

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