Why father Shahrukh remained silent in Aryan Khan drugs case, now friend revealed

Shah Rukh Khan: Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan’s film Pathan is not taking the name of the discussion to stop. Meanwhile, King Khan’s old friend has made some revelations about his nature.

Shahrukh Khan

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Mumbai: supper star Shahrukh Khan did his film Pathan Has given a new status to Bollywood films. The strong comeback of the actor has won everyone’s heart. Pathan’s scintillating collection left everyone speechless. He has received many accolades for his work. After this film, now the eyes of the fans are fixed on Shahrukh Khan’s upcoming films. Shahrukh Khan is very much liked for his kind nature, respect towards women and his behavior.

No matter how bad the times are, Shahrukh Khan does not change his behaviour. Even when his elder son Aryan Khan was accused of being involved in the drug case, Shahrukh had worked very quietly. People were quite impressed by his nature. In the case of Aryan Khan, people started to feel that the King of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan would openly jump in the defense of his child.

But nothing like this happened. He thought it better to stand behind than to come forward and give clarification and continuously tried to get Aryan out of jail. Along with Shah Rukh, his wife Gauri and daughter Suhana also stayed away from the media. Although Shah Rukh’s family did not say anything on this matter after Aryan’s release, nor did they present any clarification.

Shah Rukh Khan’s oldest friend, actor and filmmaker Vivek Vaswani says that Shah Rukh’s behavior is something we all should try to replicate. In his interview, the actor further said, “I think he didn’t want to escalate the issue, he didn’t open his mouth, neither did Aryan, Gauri or Suhana, it’s called grace and dignity.” Let me tell you, even during the release of Pathan, Shah Rukh Khan did not promote the film. He knew that he could be questioned on this.

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