Why did Sharmila Tagore get her bikini posters removed from the road at midnight, the matter reached the Parliament

Sharmila Tagore Bikini Scene: Everyone was shocked when she wore a bikini in the 1967 film An Evening in Paris. Sharmila recently talked about the reaction she got after wearing a bikini in the film.

Sharmila Tagore Bikini: It was not considered common for actresses to wear bikini in Hindi cinema in the 70s. at such a time Sharmila Tagore She created a stir by wearing a bikini in the 1967 film An Evening in Paris. Now recently Sharmila Tagore has told how she got reactions when she took this step.

Sharmila Tagore recently attended an event of TOI and shared her bikini story. He told that even the film industry was surprised to see Sharmila wearing a bikini. The surprising thing is that a question was raised about this even in the Parliament.

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‘The industry people were also surprised’

During the event, Sharmila said, “When I worked in An Evening in Paris, my bikini scene was shocking.” He said that along with the common people, the industry was also quite surprised. He said, “Perhaps at that time the question was asked in Parliament as well.” Although Sharmila said that compared to the kind of films we see in today’s era, it was very simple.

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Posters were removed due to fear of mother-in-law

Sharmila Tagore also told during this time that she had removed the poster of the film near her house. She left in the middle of the night with her driver and secretly got the poster pasted nearby removed. The reason for this was that Sharmila Tagore’s mother-in-law was about to come to the city. Sharmila, however, said that she did not realize that the posters would also be put up on the way to the airport.

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