Why did Romans like the game of death, on losing they used to get such a punishment that the soul would tremble after hearing

You must have seen the Colosseum, included in the seven wonders of the world Rome This building is a wonderful example of Roman architecture and engineering. Here there was a facility to seat more than 60 thousand people at a time. Now you must be wondering why this building was built? In fact roman emperor built this building Entertainment was done for Gladiatorial games used to take place here.

Let’s make it a little easier for you. By gladiatorial games are meant those games which were meant for death. In this, gladiators (professional youths trained in war) fought each other for the entertainment of the king, this competition ended only when one of them died. Sometimes these gladiators had to fight with dangerous wild animals as well. If a gladiator survived after being defeated or accepted defeat and separated himself from the fight, then he was punished in such a way that the soul would tremble upon hearing it.

fight till death

In gladiatorial games, trained gladiators used to fight each other till death. These games started as a ritual to give a dignified farewell to the martyred soldiers, which later became a game ending in death. Gradually it took a political angle and it became the prestige of the king. After this the games were changed. Till now only two armed fighters used to enter the field. Later the king started taking down the fighters in front of the wild animals. Julius Caesar, considered the dictator of Rome, also fought 320 gladiators among themselves to pay tribute to his father on his death.

Colosseum G77e2fad98 1280 (1)

Colosseum which was built by the rulers of Rome for their entertainment (Photo-Pixabay)

There was cruelty with those who lost

The Roman emperors made gladiatorial games a display of their power. Emperor Claudius made a new rule, under which he ordered the throats of gladiators who accepted their defeat or fell in the game to be cut. He used to see the facial expressions of every warrior whose throat was being cut. Historians believe that he used to enjoy seeing this. The one who won in this professional fight was benefited financially as well as prestige.

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who were the gladiators

Gladiators were professional fighters in ancient Rome. They had to fight with each other to entertain the rulers of Rome. Many times they were also left to fight with wild animals, such as elephants, tigers, lions etc. Soldiers removed from the army, such people who were boycotted, they also became gladiators. A professional gladiator knew that he would die sooner or later, but he was taught not to fear his own death. Historians say that the death rate in ancient Rome was high, most people died of hunger or disease, that is why gladiators believed that it is better to die with weapons than to die of hunger or disease.

rome 2

Gladiators were often fought with animals. (Photo- wikimedia commons)

What entertainment from death?

Fighting to the death between gladiators was considered by the elite class of Rome to be entertaining. Actually, the life of strangers did not matter to Roman. Most of these gladiators were those who were either slaves of the king, were criminals or prisoners or those who were boycotted from the society. The spectators who were present in the Colosseum had an emotional tide, they used to associate themselves with one of the sides, its victory or defeat. Many times it also became an opportunity for common citizens to gamble.

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