Why did Debina Bonnerjee become a mother twice in a year? Had to take this big decision because of husband Gurmeet

TV Actress Debina Bonnerjee Birthday: television actress Debina Banerjee Today she is 40 years old. These days she is enjoying parenthood. Last year, not one but two little guests entered his house. Within a year, Debina became the mother of two cute daughters. The reason for getting pregnant twice in such a short time was also very special. Let’s know why the actress had to take this big decision.

Debina Banerjee and Gurmeet Chowdhary married each other on 15 February 2011. Actually both the stars were seen together in the mythological serial Ramayana. Gurmeet played Ram and Debina played Sita in it. The audience liked the pairing of both. Although these two stars already loved each other from this serial.

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Debina became mother twice in seven months

Debina Banerjee’s first and second child has a gap of only seven months. Debina Banerjee had her first daughter on 3 April 2022. A few months later, she had announced her second pregnancy. In the year 2022, on November 11, Debina and Gurmeet welcomed their second daughter.

During Debina’s pregnancy, many questions were being raised on social media. Many people were targeting Gurmeet after Debina got pregnant twice in a short span of time. Then Gurmeet told why he and Debina had taken this decision. Gurmeet had said that the age gap between him and his elder brother was also less.

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Decision taken because of Gurmeet Chowdhary

In fact, Gurmeet believed that when the age gap between two children would be less, then there would be no such problems in growing up. He had said that Debina and he are often out for shooting and because of this he has to remain busy. That’s why he wanted that the elder daughter Liana should have a brother or a friend. Apart from this, along with IVF, another treatment of Debina was going on. In such a situation, she also wanted the same.

Debina’s elder daughter’s name is Liana and younger daughter’s name is Divisha. Debina’s second daughter was born through surgery. Baby was premature. During this, Debina had to face many problems. Although now Debina is very happy with her daughters and often shares pictures on social media.

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