Who is Rapper Burna Boy seen in Sidhu Musewala’s song, jailed for 11 months, connection with gangster

Rapper Burna Boy Profile: Sidhu Musewala is about to complete one year, but fans still remember the singer. Even today, Singer’s songs remain very high in the chartbeat. Sidhu Moosewala K fans have no place for happiness at this time. Because after the death of the singer, his new song has been released. The name of the song is ‘Mera Na’. Nigerian rapper Burna Boy collaborated with him in this song. He is a famous rapper. Let’s know who is Burna Boy with whom Sidhu Musewala’s last song came.

Who is Burna Boy?

The real name of the rapper is Damini Ebunoluwa Ogulu and he is known as Burna Boy. He is a very talented singer and has made Nigerian music and culture popular and respected around the world. At the age of just 31, he has achieved a lot of fan following. His songs get a lot of views.

Which songs became popular?

In the year 2013, Barna started his career. His album Life was well received. After this, his success started. After this, albums like On a Touchship, Outside, African Gents, Twice a Tall and Love Damini are popular. Barna has won many big awards in his career. He received the Grammy Award in the year 2021. Even in the year 2023, he won the hearts of fans with his album and was nominated for Grammy.

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connection with gangsters

Like Sidhu Musewala, Burna Boy is also considered to have tremendous connection with gangsters. He was once accused of almost killing his wife under the influence of drugs. Meaning they were so aggressive that they could do anything. Although nothing much happened. But his strings keep connecting with the gangsters. On one hand, they bring laurels to the country in the world, on the other hand, they are surrounded by such negative news as well.

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He was also accused of gunning down two people in broad daylight some time back. Police is investigating on this. There are reports of such violence against him. But they are very powerful and rich too.

Apart from this, in the year 2013 also, he has been accused of killing someone. He was jailed in the UK and he himself had accepted this. Talking about the case, he was a minor at that time and the case did not drag on for too long. He spent 11 months in jail and then he was released from jail because of his good behavior.

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