When companies were dying in World War, Nikon created history, read the full story

in the world of photography Nikon A well known name. Nikon is a company that provides a wide range of cameras, but there has been a phase in the company’s journey so far when it went through its worst phase. rival company Canon And Minolta Got strong competition, but a strategy of the company worked and remained in the market. Let’s know how has been the journey of Japanese company Nikon so far.

Nikon was started on July 25, 1917 by Koyta Evaski. The company was initially named Japan Optical Industries Co., Ltd. In 1998 it was renamed Nikon.

Company got lifeline in world war

During the World War, when other companies were trying to survive in the market, Nikon was moving fast. In the Second World War, the company’s business gained momentum. The reason for this was the increase in the demand for such goods during the war, which could help in winning the war. As the demand increased, the company started supplying periscopes, bomb sights, lenses and binoculars.

During this time such a record was made in the business of the company that the number of factories increased to 19 and the number of employees reached 23 thousand.

Jung’s SLR is icing on the cake

After the war, the company introduced the Single Lens Reflex (SLR) camera. It quickly became popular and financial help was also received from Mitsubishi. The next several years were difficult not only for the company but for all of Japan. There have been earthquakes in Japan several times. Production stalled. The company suffered huge losses. Nikon again formulated a new strategy to take the company forward at the same pace.

The strategy that brought life to the company

High quality cameras were introduced to revive the company. These were such cameras which proved to be especially useful for beginners to experts. Many lenses, sunglasses and eyeglass frames were used in this.

In this way, after introducing this product, Nikon became recognized internationally. To increase the business, the company started making many new products. Started manufacturing semiconductors in the 80s. Along with this introduced color film scanner and color printer.

However, the idea of ​​manufacturing semiconductors was not that successful and the company suffered a major setback. There was an economic loss in 1998. Not only this, the economic recession in the world at that time also affected the company. Taking a lesson from this, Nikon focused back on cameras and started introducing it with new technology. As a result, once again the company gained momentum.

Nikon did many things for CSR. Started scholarship programs. Started giving financial help to start construction again in flood affected areas and started many projects related to environment.

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