When China did ‘slaughter’ of sparrows, there were millions of premature deaths

If you look at the history of the last 100 years, you will find that chinese leaders He also took some such decisions which took the country back several decades. Sparrow had such a decision China to end with. The faster China implemented this decision, the bigger the compensation it had to pay. western countries Mao Zedong, who laid the foundation of the leftist movement in China, started a campaign to move forward like China, to do collective farming and to increase industries.

In China, the period from 1958 to 1962 is called the period of hell. It was known as ‘Great Leap Forward’. During this there was a historic famine. Historians believe that around 3.25 crore people died in this period. The biggest reason for this was sparrow’s slaughter-e-mango campaign.Today is World Sparrow Day, on this occasion, know the story of the campaign against sparrows in China…

Mao’s decision ruined China

Mao could go to any extent to take the country forward. He considered animals as the biggest obstacle in the development of the country. That’s why Mao considered the four types of animals as the biggest obstacle to progress. These included rats, mosquitoes, flies and sparrows. Mao first threw full force to eliminate rats, mosquitoes and flies. Then made a strategy to eliminate the sparrow.

Jim Todd, who wrote a book on Nature History, says, “Then it was argued that the sparrow was included in the list because it eats a lot of grain. Mao believed that every grain of grain should be for humans only, not for sparrows.

But China paid a heavy price for killing the sparrow. Soon not only sparrows had to be removed from the campaign, but sparrows had to be brought from other countries.

Used to make so much noise that she used to die while flying.

As soon as Mao’s decision was implemented, the process of exterminating sparrows started in China. To kill the sparrow, people started shooting at it. Started breaking the nests. They started spoiling the eggs by breaking them. Not only this, such a method was also adopted to eliminate the sparrow which surprised many countries.

Scientists used to say that when the sparrow’s energy runs out, it sits in its nest. Flying all day long in search of food is a tiring task.Environmentalists say that people used to make so much noise that the bird could not reach the nest and died of exhaustion while flying. Its effect was not limited only to sparrows, other birds had to suffer.

The result was that within two years, the most commonly found sparrows in China reached the brink of extinction.Referring to this campaign, Chinese journalist Die Qing wrote that Mao had neither knowledge about animals nor was he ready to understand the advice of any expert. They only decided to eliminate them, for which the whole country had to pay.

The grain for which mangoes were killed is in danger

Todd says, the grain for which Mao decided to eliminate the sparrow, the same grain was in danger. Due to the rapid decrease in the number of sparrows, insects started attacking the grains. People understood that how wrong the decision has been taken in the country. Mao removed the sparrow from the four species and included the bedbug in its place.

The sparrow used to eat insects and locusts. When their number decreased, the plague of locusts started increasing and the crops started getting ruined. There was a terrible famine and lakhs of people died.

Sparrow had to be imported from Russia

China had to import sparrows from Russia to bring back the natural balance. During this entire campaign, not only sparrows, other species of birds were also targeted. This has been described as the main cause of the famine in China. However, the changes made in farming were also said to be responsible for the famine.

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