WhatsApp brought new feature, not only mobile, this special service of calling will be available here too

WhatsApp Group Call Links: The new feature will allow you to make WhatsApp calls with people you don’t know well or want to talk to only once. However, this will be possible only if you share the link with them.

WhatsApp Call Links on Windows App: popular instant messaging platforms WhatsApp There is a great news for the users. if you whatsapp call A new feature will make your experience even more fun if you use it. meta WhatsApp Windows App, a company owned byWhatsApp Windows App) is releasing a new update for . According to reports, the instant messaging service will release the feature of creating call links for Windows app users. At present, this feature has been rolled out for some beta testers.

WhatsApp team is bringing a new feature to improve WhatsApp calling. By opening the link, anyone can join the call. According to the report of Wabitinfo, a portal that monitors new features and updates of WhatsApp, this feature will be available on the Microsoft Store with the WhatsApp beta for Windows 2.2307.3.0 update.

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Check out the new feature of WhatsApp like this

A new call link option will be available in the calls tab. By going to this section, you will be able to check whether this feature is currently enabled for you or not. If you have this feature enabled and you want to use it, you can choose between voice and video calls. Apart from this, users can invite people by copying the link and sharing it in WhatsApp chat as well, so that they can connect to the call immediately.

Privacy will be available in call link

Whenever a new call link is created, a unique URL will be generated. The advantage of this is that without your permission no one will be able to connect to your private call. It will be very easy to invite people for WhatsApp calls through the call link feature. For this, there is no need to add new people to contacts.

If you want to talk to someone only once, then this feature will be very useful. People who do not know well can be talked on the call by sharing this link with them. Apart from this, this option also gives the facility to share the call link with other people at the same time.

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This is how you can take advantage

The new Call Link feature has been released for beta testers. This feature will be available after installing WhatsApp beta for Windows 2.2307.1.0 update. Beta version is available on Microsoft Store. Let us tell you that in the coming days this feature will be released for other users as well.

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