What were the plans of bloodshed, what was going on in the mind of Amritpal absconding for 5 days

Leader of ‘Waris Punjab De’ organization fugitive Amritpal Singh He is absconding for about five days. The Punjab Police is continuously combing in search of him. Punjab Police IG Sukhchain Singh Gill says that a lookout circular has been issued against Amritpal Singh. Police has also shared many pictures of Amritpal among the common people. He is being searched in every street, city, village and locality.

Amritpal Singh means the new face of terror in Punjab. A person whose conspiracy has once again set the entire Punjab on fire. He and his organization for the law and order of the state isi At the behest of the challenge has been made. From the Punjab Police to the Central Intelligence Agencies are after him, but so far no clue has been found about him.

Organization set up on the pretext of de-addiction center

Meanwhile, shocking revelations are happening everyday about Amritpal Singh, who has become a headache for the Punjab Police. Where is Amripal Singh, it has not been known yet, but new secrets are being revealed about his activities. Central intelligence agencies say that Amritpal Singh was poisoning the minds of the youth under the guise of a de-addiction center. He was making the youth fidayeen attackers.

Amritpal Singh’s aim was to mislead the youth on the pretext of drug de-addiction center and to take innocent teenagers on the path of terror. He wanted to spread unrest in Punjab by luring the youth. According to intelligence agencies, Amritpal Singh was working at the behest of ISI.

According to the news agency PTI, Amritpal Singh was getting full cooperation from Pakistan to run the de-addiction center. But in due course of time Pakistan’s conspiracy was exposed and Amritpal’s planning got exposed. According to the information, he was preparing a team of suicide bombers in all the centers he had set up.

Force in the name of ‘Amrit Sanchar’

According to the central intelligence agencies, Amritpal Singh was making the de-addiction center an arms warehouse. Pakistan was not only funding him but was also supplying arms. In addition to stockpiling weapons, he Anandpur Khalsa Force (AKF) was also making And all this was happening in the name of ‘Amrit Sanchar’.

The police of Punjab has taken major action in this regard two days back in Amritsar. A de-addiction center running in Jallupur Kheda area of ​​the city was closed. According to the information, the police of Punjab conducted a thorough search here and the people who came here in the name of treatment were sent back to their homes.

Weapons were collected in the gurudwara

Amritpal Singh’s dangerous plan can be gauged from the fact that he was also using the religious place Gurdwara to collect weapons. People lost their senses as soon as they got a clue of this. According to the information, he and his supporters were collecting expensive weapons as well as bullet proof jackets in the gurudwara.

Pakistan was helping

According to intelligence agencies, Amritpal Singh was building a terror network in Punjab at the behest of ISI. Pakistan was helping to run the de-addiction center. But in due course of time, the conspiracy of Pakistan was exposed and Amritpal Singh’s planning got exposed.

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