What was seen in Sachin’s batting, which surprised Bradman, he told his mind to his wife

The world of cricket is full of many ideas in today’s time. Especially in the era of social media, there are as many faces (social media accounts) as there are thoughts. Most of the people have their own favorite players, to tell them better than the other, different figures, arguments and often sophistry are also presented. Still, if you come out of the crowd of social media and ask the common people who have been the best batsmen, then two names will be heard the most- Sachin Tendulkar and Sir Don Bradman, Legends of two different generations but the greatest batsman of all time in the history of cricket.

Australian broadcaster ABC recently released a documentary on the meeting of Sir Don Bradman and Sachin Tendulkar, their similarities and their legacy – ‘Bradman and Tendulkar, The Untold Story of Two of Cricket’s Giants’. In this documentary, the careers of both the legends and their achievements have been told through journalists, former cricketers and media experts from India and Australia.

Bradman had praised Sachin

Cricket fans of the last several decades may say that they did not see the great Australian batsman Sir Don playing, but still after reading about him and seeing his figures, they will definitely agree that he was probably the greatest. Those who see Sachin openly praise him. Paul Kennedy, who made this documentary on both the veterans, has also written an article on this, in which he also mentioned Bradman’s statement when he described Sachin’s batting as his own.

Shocked Bradman told his wife his mind

Kennedy has written in this article citing an old interview of Sir Don, how Bradman had told in that interview that he had only seen Sachin playing on TV and he had surprised Bradman with his technique. Then Bradman called his wife and asked her to watch Sachin’s batting.

Bradman said that he had never seen himself batting, but seeing Sachin’s batting, he felt that he was batting just like him. He told the same thing to his wife. Bradman had even said that the kind of feeling he felt seeing Sachin’s technique and his shots was exactly the same as he used to have while batting himself.

Bradman-Sachin met once

Many great batsmen came in the cricket history of about one and a half hundred years, but hardly anyone got the status that these two veterans of Australia and India got. In the case of some statistics, no one will ever be able to break the records made by Bradman, while some records made by Sachin later, no one will be able to break them. These two greats got a chance to meet only once in 1998, when Bradman invited Sachin and Shane Warne to his house on his 90th birthday.

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