What message did Rinku Singh give to Yash Dayal by hitting 5 sixes?

IPL 2023: Rinku Singh snatched victory from Gujarat Titans by hitting 5 consecutive sixes in the last over. Even Kolkata Knight Riders could not believe their victory

Rinku Singh hit 5 consecutive sixes in the last over

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New Delhi. Rinku… Rinku… Rinku Singh, this name is resonating in the whole country for the last 24 hours. Rinku Singh’s 5 sixes are being discussed in every corner, which he hit in the 13th match of IPL 2023. Rinku made the impossible possible by hitting 5 consecutive sixes in the last over against Gujarat Titans and gave victory to Kolkata Knight Riders. Rinku became a hero, but the bowler he had beaten in the last over became a villain.

The fans of Gujarat are blaming Yash Dayal for the defeat. However, Kolkata Knight Riders came out in support of Yash Dayal. Rinku also messaged Yash Dayal after winning the match. Talking to India Today, Rinku told what message did he send to Yash?

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Rinku tried to motivate

KKR’s explosive batsman consoled Yash by messaging and said that all this happens from cricket. You did well last year. Rinku tried to motivate Yash. After the match between KKR and Gujarat, an Instagram chat of Rinku and Dayal is also becoming quite viral. This chat of both is after the victory of Kolkata against Royal Challengers Bangalore.

Yash told big player

KKR beat RCB by 81 runs on 6 April. Rinku had scored 46 runs in 33 balls in that match. With the resounding victory, Rinku shared some pictures and said that it was a memorable victory. Commenting on which Dayal called him a big player and after 3 days of this chat Rinku beat him.

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