What insurance is available if damage is caused by a disaster like earthquake, know all the answers here

Home Insurance Plan: If you are harmed by a calamity like earthquake, then you can easily take a home insurance plan. because some insurance companies home insurance for flood Provides policy. If you take a good home insurance plan, then you are compensated not only for the loss of the house due to a disaster like earthquake, but also for the loss of the goods kept in the house.

Sometimes the tremors of the earthquake are so strong that people’s houses also collapse. Due to this people had to suffer heavy loss. Such incidents can happen to you anytime. In such a situation, if you get home insurance, can the damage caused by a disaster like earthquake be compensated? Even if there is compensation, how much compensation is received. If not, then you are being given information here.

Failure to have home insurance can result in loss

Natural disasters are rare. When people see news of such incidents they think thank God we are safe and soon forget that it could be their home, neighborhood or city. Hence it becomes easy for people to dismiss the risk and not get home insurance for natural calamities. In the absence of home insurance cover for natural calamities, you run the risk of incurring lakhs of rupees in lump sum for property damage during floods, earthquakes, storms and lightning.

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If you haven’t got home insurance yet. Get home insurance early because you may have to go through the uphill task of rebuilding your life in the event of a disaster like an earthquake. Hence it is a wise thing to buy home insurance that protects you against damages caused by natural calamities, so that the insurance company compensates for the losses incurred during such incidents.

HDFC ERGO is giving two options

It is important to choose a plan that offers protection against possible natural calamities at your location. If you live in an earthquake prone area, you must ensure that earthquake cover is clearly listed in the policy coverage as some insurance companies do not offer cover against earthquakes by default. HDFC ERGO offers two options for you to choose from when it comes to protecting your home from all possible natural calamities.

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  1. Standard Fire and Special Perils Policy: This policy covers risks against fire, flood, earthquake, lighting, explosion, flood, storm, riot and strike. This is covered optionally for a nominal premium. This policy covers damage to both your home and contents
  2. Comprehensive Home Insurance Plan: This policy will serve to protect your homes from natural calamities, however it does not cover damage or loss caused due to burglary, burglary or theft. This can be covered under a comprehensive home insurance plan.
  3. The policy covers risks arising out of natural calamities such as flood, earthquake, lightening, inundation, storm apart from fire, riots, strike etc. Along with burglary, dacoity and theft, this policy also covers damage to both your home and contents. Damage caused due to willful negligence will not be covered.

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Benefits of choosing HDFC ERGO

There is little you can do to avert the risk of a natural disaster, and therefore preparedness is the best strategy. You need to ensure that your home is provided with the right home insurance against natural calamities. HDFC ERGO offers some of the best plans in the business and stands out due to its many features.

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