Want to get Car or Bike Insurance? Pay attention to these 3 things, otherwise there will be loss

Be it Car Insurance or Bike Insurance, whenever you plan to buy insurance, do these 3 things first, which will not only help in saving your money, but the problems that arise later will also go away to a great extent.

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car insurance yes or bike insurance or else Scooter Insurance Whenever you buy any of these insurance for yourself, before that there are three important things that you should do. What are these three important tasks, let us give you detailed information about this.

Pay attention to IDV Value

If you people do not know what IDV value is, then let us explain its meaning in simple language. This is the value that the company gives you if your car is stolen or damaged in an accident. In such a situation, while buying insurance, do check that which company is offering you more IDV Value, although your premium may be higher if you take more IDV value.

Pay attention to Insurance Premium

The money you pay to the company to buy insurance is called premium. In such a situation, before buying insurance, do check that which company is offering you the best premium. One thing to note here is that many cheap premium plans are also available, but with these plans, some of the benefits of insurance are reduced, so we would advise you to consider your needs. Keeping select plan and premium.

What is CSR? Why is it important to check

First of all, what is CSR, this question must be arising in your mind too, so let us explain its meaning to you. CSR means Claim Settlement Ratio i.e. whatever percentage of the company you are planning to take insurance, that company settles the insurance in a year. In such a situation, taking the plan of the company whose CSR is high can prove to be beneficial for you.

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