Violent fight outside the nightclub, fierce kicks and punches, the security guard slammed the woman on the ground, VIDEO

US Nightclub Fight: Seeing this video outside the nightclub, it looks as if it is a WWE ring. Why and what caused this clash between the women outside the Light Club, it is yet to be revealed.

Fierce kicking and punching between women outside nightclub in America

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US Nightclub Fight: A video is becoming increasingly viral on social media. The video is from Texas, USA, where there is a violent fight between women outside a nightclub. During this, a male security guard of the nightclub throws a woman on the ground in order to stop this war of women. This incident of clash between women took place on Saturday outside the Private Social Club in San Antonio.

In this video viral on social media, it is clearly visible that two women are fighting with each other. During this, another woman goes to another and holds her hair and slams her and then the kicking and punching starts. At the same time, in the meantime, a male security guard comes from there and he throws a woman on the ground.


In this way many women are fighting with each other outside the night club. are dragging each other. So far 11.8 million people have watched this video of 1 minute 4 seconds. However, it is not yet known as to what these women were quarreling with each other about.

At the same time, regarding this matter, Precision Defense Group (private security company) said that these two guards were trying to stop the quarrel until the police reached the spot. The head of the company will review all other videos first. Only after this will comment on this incident. At the same time, the club management said that they will first investigate the whole matter.

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