User lost lakhs of rupees due to investment, keep yourself safe like this

Online Investment Scam: User lost lakhs of rupees due to investment, keep yourself safe like this

Online Investment Scam: User lost lakhs due to investment, keep yourself safe like thisImage Credit source: Freepik

The cases of online scams are increasing every day in the country, in such a situation, you should keep yourself safe from such scams by not trusting strangers with your hard earned money. In most of the cases, scammers don’t harm you immediately, they gradually win your trust and when they get a chance, they can harm you in lakhs. One such case has happened with a user living in Mumbai, in which he lost around Rs 1 lakh by falling in the trap of online investment schemes. So that this does not happen to you, you should protect yourself like this and keep these things in mind before any transaction.

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User scammed on Telegram, lost one lakh rupees

According to reports, a 27-year-old man living in Panvel, Mumbai was looking for investment schemes on the messaging application Telegram. Two cybercriminals together did a fraud with that person, in fact they had promised him huge returns on an online investment scheme.

Greed to give good returns on online investment scheme

According to the FIR in this case, the person was tricked into filling his personal details on a fraudulent website. The account of that person was opened through Telegram. After this, the victim was asked to invest Rs 1,000 and instead of the investment, a balance of Rs 1,620 appeared in his Telegram account. Due to this he felt that he has earned full Rs.620 on his investment of Rs.1000.

After this he was asked to deposit Rs 1 lakh and instead of this amount, a balance of Rs 2.2 lakh was shown in his Telegram account. However, when he tried to transfer the money from Telegram account to his bank account, he could not. After which he came to know that he has been scammed.

How to be safe from such scams

  • The first and best way for this is that you should not trust any unknown person, especially in money matters you should be careful.
  • Market professional investors are available who can help you in every way. Instead of looking up investment schemes online, one should contact professionals. If you are confused about which investment you should go ahead with, then you can also consult wise people.
  • Before doing any transaction, every type of investigation should be done and verified completely.

Apart from this, a lot of scams are happening with people through WhatsApp and Telegram. These days these cases are coming to the fore, so try to block and report that user if you get such a message from an unknown number. Best way to do it.

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