‘Urfi Javed virus’, this girl came out in Delhi Metro wearing an orange dress, people reacted like this

Urfi Javed 2.0: A virus named Urfi Javed is circulating fast on social media. Actually, a video of Delhi Metro is going viral, in which a girl is dressed inspired by Urfi. You also watch this video.

Urfi Javed

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Urfi Javed Virus: Everyone is aware of Urfi Javed’s unusual fashion sense. Not only in the country, his style is discussed in foreign countries as well. A few days ago a foreign model copied Urfi’s style. But, now a shocking video is becoming increasingly viral on social media.

Actually, people are continuously sharing this video on social media. In this video, you can clearly see that Urfi’s virus has now reached Delhi as well. Yes, a girl in Delhi Metro is dressed exactly like Urfi. On which people are continuously commenting and giving their reaction.

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watch viral video here

This video is going viral on all social media platforms. While sharing this, a user has written that beware of Urfi Javed’s virus. Many people have even trolled Urfi and this girl making a collage which is going viral. Another user wrote that this is a very serious virus which is moving towards Delhi.

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Many people have filed a complaint with the Delhi Police while sharing the video. People say that in this way the environment of the metro is deteriorating. Please tell that Urfi Javed goes viral among the people for her new fashion. People have got upset due to his strange poor style. Because of which she also keeps getting trolled. On the other hand, now this girl’s appearance in the metro in this orange dress has once again brought Urfi to the target of the people.

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