Uranium missing from Libya can cause havoc if it falls into wrong hands, know how dangerous it is

Growing steadily amid the Ukraine-Russia war nuclear under threat of attack Libya Got such a news which is going to increase panic for the whole world. From here about 250 kg natural uranium has disappeared. Rafael Mariano, Director General of Vienna’s International Atomic Energy Agency, has informed about the non-receipt of 10 drums filled with uranium.

The trouble is that if this uranium falls into the wrong hands, it can create havoc. Uranium is the only substance that is used to make atomic bombs. Although natural uranium cannot be used directly in any weapon. First it has to be converted into refined (enhanced) uranium.

25 kg of enriched uranium is required for an atomic bomb.

An atomic bomb requires about 25 kg of enriched uranium. To make it, natural uranium is first converted into gas, after which nuclear fuel is prepared. According to experts, about 6 kg of enriched uranium can be made from 1 ton i.e. 100 kg of uranium. The 10 drums that went missing from Libya contained 250 kg of uranium. If this uranium is replaced, 15 kg of enriched uranium will be ready.

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A nuclear attack can destroy an entire city (representational image – pixabay)

One nuclear bomb is enough to destroy the city

An atomic bomb is enough to destroy a city or an area, the atomic bomb that was thrown in Hiroshima was prepared from Uranium only. The atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki was made of plutonium. In the same year, about 1.5 lakh people died due to the atomic bomb thrown on the Japanese city of Hiroshima.

extremely dangerous to health

Uranium is a type of radioactive substance, in such a situation it can also become a big health hazard for the common people. That is, it is also very important to store it properly. According to experts, alpha particles of uranium can cause bone or liver cancer by going inside the body with breath. This also causes a lot of damage to the lungs and kidneys.

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Apart from making nuclear bombs or weapons, uranium is also used in making electricity (symbolic photo- pixabay)

Uranium is used to make electricity

Uranium is used in deadly weapons. Apart from making nuclear bombs, missiles, bullets, small bombs can also be made from it, apart from this it is also used in nuclear plants in fuel. Apart from this, uranium is also used in making electricity. According to experts, about 45 thousand kilowatts of electricity can be generated from one kilo of uranium, whereas only 8 kilowatts of electricity can be produced from 1 kilo of coal.

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