Uproar in America due to eye drops made in India, 3 died, 8 people lost their eyesight

People using this eyedrop are falling prey to infection due to bacteria named Pseudomonas aruginosa. The CDC has advised people that if any person using this eyedrop has problems, contact the doctor immediately.

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India a medicine made in America I am under investigation. America’s top medical watchdog has expressed the possibility of drug-resistant bacteria in this drug. This medicine is an eyedrop made in India which is slowly gaining foothold in America. It is being told that infection is spreading among the people due to the use of this eyedrop. The New York Times report quoted the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as saying that out of those who used this eye drop, three people died while 8 people lost their eyesight. Is. Apart from this, dozens of people have become victims of infection.

The name of this eyedrop is being told as Azricare Artificial Tears, which has been made by Chennai-based Global Pharma Healthcare. Such news also came to the fore in February regarding this medicine. Then there was news of one person’s death while more than 55 people had suffered from it. Only after this, Global Pharma Healthcare had stopped production of eyedrops related to the US market in February. At the consumer level, all remaining lots of Azricare Artificial Tears and Delsum Pharma’s Artificial Tears were also withdrawn.

Due to this bacteria infection is happening in people’s eyes

At the same time, according to the news that came out in this case, people are getting sick due to the bacteria named Pseudomonas Oruginosa. The people investigating in this case had earlier told that they had found this bacteria in an open bottle of eyedrops.

The CDC had last updated its website in this matter on March 21, in which the company had said that if anyone has any kind of infection after using this eyedrop, they should go to the doctor immediately. Let me tell you, earlier there was a ruckus in Gambia and Uzbekistan regarding cough syrup made in India. Dozens had died because of these cough syrups.

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