UP Police issues warning and tips to avoid online frauds through Deepfake AI; Check full details here

UP Police is very active on social media and they interact with citizens through their social media accounts. The technology of AI is growing day by day and people are getting help from AI to make their work easier. AI has gained a lot of popularity among people as AI has gained a lot of fame in the recent past because AI has achieved a record in each and every field. Slowly the use of AI is increasing in every industry and like everything; it has both advantages and disadvantages. Uttar Pradesh Police has issued a warning to save citizens from harm that can happen by AI. One of the major frauds that public at large needs to be aware of is Deepfake AI. These frauds are increasing by the day. Check out the full details below:

UP Police issues warning to avoid Deepfake AI

Uttar Pradesh Police tweeted a video on their Twitter (now X) account to tell people about the fraud that occurred by Deepfake AI. In a video tweeted by the Uttar Pradesh Police, it has been shown how fraudsters nowadays use Deepfake AI to dupe people using audio, video, and images of their family members and friends. Using technology like Deepfake AI, they generate the face, voice, audio, video, and images of any person and call their friends and family to demand money.

Fraudsters use video calls to convince the person so that the person gets convinced and sends the money. Recently, many such scams have come to the fore which have been done using AI. The video also contains tips to avoid such scams which will help you to stay safe from such scams. Watch the video below;

Uttar Pradesh Police’s achievements in six years

Uttar Pradesh Police has increased its speed to eliminate crime in the last 6 years. Statistics show that the Uttar Pradesh Police has caught more than 6 thousand criminals in more than 10 thousand encounters and about 2 thousand criminals have been injured in these encounters. Uttar Pradesh Police has not only reduced the amount of crime in the state and also reduced social riots.

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