Unrest Erupts in Manipur Again; Homes Set Ablaze in Langol, Arms Siezed in Intensive Search Operations

Manipur Violence

Manipur Violence: A recent case of arson has been reported in the Langol region of Manipur. Mobs sparked the arson, leading to the destruction of multiple houses. Notably, this incident occurred just one day after unidentified individuals killed three people in Manipur’s Bishnupur district on Friday night.

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Violence breaks in Manipur again

In a horrifying incident at Kwakta in the district, three people were mercilessly shot dead while they were sleeping. Subsequently, their bodies were brutally slashed with swords by unidentified assailants, as confirmed by the police on Saturday morning. The perpetrators were reported to have been from Churachandpur.

In another alarming occurrence on the same morning, there was a fierce exchange of gunfire between state forces and militants near Kwakta, resulting in three people being injured, one of whom was a policeman, according to the police statement.

Amidst the Imphal Valley, a significant number of women protesters took to the streets and resorted to burning tyres to obstruct the movement of vehicles. The escalating violence prompted the district administration to enforce a curfew from 10.30 am in the twin Imphal districts, as a precautionary measure.

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Army launches operation

On Saturday, the Army initiated several operations in the Imphal valley, leading to an encounter in the Mongcham area where one militant sustained injuries. The Army’s Spear Corps spokesperson confirmed that the injured insurgent was subsequently arrested. During the operation, the security forces successfully recovered a self-loading rifle, ammunition, and other war-like stores from the scene.

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