Two passengers detained for disruptive behaviour on Dubai-Mumbai IndiGo flight, details here

IndiGo: Two intoxicated passengers on a Dubai-Mumbai IndiGo flight were detained in another instance of an in-flight altercation for reportedly cursing at the crew and other passengers. Once the plane touched down in Mumbai on Wednesday, they were taken into custody and later given bail by a local court, according to a police official.

Celebrating their return by consuming alcohol

“The two suspects hail from Kolhapur and Palghar’s Nalasopara. They began celebrating their return by consuming alcohol they had acquired from a duty-free store after working in the Gulf for a year “said he. The official continued by saying that when co-pilots complained to the commotion, the two spat on them and the crew who tried to stop them. One of them was sipping alcohol as they proceeded down the aisle. The official continued, “The team took away their bottles.”

Harassed the crew and fellow passengers verbally

The two passengers persisted in drinking alcohol on the aircraft despite repeated warnings from the crew, according to an official statement from the airline. “Two passengers flying on flight 6E 1088 from Dubai to Mumbai were reported to be in an inebriated state and continued consuming alcohol onboard despite several warnings from the crew. They harassed the crew and fellow passengers verbally, “IndiGo declared.

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Violating Indian Criminal Code sections 336

“They were turned over to the CISF security officials as per routine due to their disruptive behaviour. A complaint has been made following the event at the adjacent police station. We apologise for the inconvenience this has caused other travellers “In its statement, it also noted. According to the Sahar police station officer, the two passengers have been arrested for violating Indian Criminal Code sections 336 (for endangering life and safety of others) and 21, 22, and 25 of the Aviation Regulations. Flyers’ disruptive behaviour has becoming more prevalent recently.

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