This rock version of ‘Hanuman Chalisa’ will fill you with devotion and energy, viral on social media from India to America

Hanuman Chalisa New Rock Version: If you are a Hanuman devotee then you must listen to the new hard rock version of Hanuman Chalisa which is going viral on social media. This song is making a splash from India to America. watch video

hanuman chalisa rock version

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Hanuman Chalisa New Version: The name of Hanuman ji comes to mind first in distress. People often go home early in the morning Hanuman Chalisa start listening. If you are also a Hanuman devotee, then definitely listen to the new rock version of Hanuman Chalisa. This song will fill you with enthusiasm, enthusiasm and excitement. This song has been composed by 3 Continents together. India from America Till now people are listening to this Hanuman Chalisa. This rock version of Hanuman Chalisa is going viral on social media.

Rock version of Hanuman Chalisa

This video has been made by artists from 3 continents. This rock version of ‘Shri Hanuman Chalisa’ has been released on social media. You will be filled with energy on seeing this. The culture of India and the grand form of Hanuman ji has been shown in it. It has been shot at many wonderful places from Rameswaram to the Himalayas. In the video, 11 Mukhi Hanuman and the sage-saint engrossed in devotion are shown.

Shadow video from India to America

This video has been released on the occasion of Ram Navami and Hanuman Jayati. European band ‘Daira Music’ has released it. Actually this new Hanuman Chalisa has been made by the descendants of Girmitiya living abroad. It has been made by Raj Mohan, a fourth generation indentured descendant living in the Netherlands, Manav-D, a fifth generation indentured descendant living in Suriname, USA and Devendra Singh, a filmmaker living in Arrah, Bihar. This Hanuman Chalisa has been shot in India, Netherlands and Suriname in South America.

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