This person spent crores of rupees to increase height, the reason is surprising

ever you less height Due to which any problem has to be faced. We tell you about a person who spent Rs 1.4 crore to increase his height by 5 inches. Expenditure Done. Earlier this person’s height was 5 feet 5 inches. surgery After that the height of this person became 5 feet inches. Because of the low height of this person girlfriend Wasn’t able to make it, because of this he is facing inferiority complex.

However, to increase the height, he had to undergo two painful surgeries. The person undergoing surgery is a resident of America and his name is Moses Gibson. The Cosmetic Lane has shared a video on Twitter. In this, he is telling how he increased his height by undergoing surgery.

Gibson’s dating life was falling apart

Moses Gibson was 5 feet 3 inches before surgery. In the year 2016, surgery was done for the first time to increase the height. Due to this, his height increased by three inches to 5 feet 5 inches. At this time he is going through the process of another surgery. He says that after this his height will increase by 2 inches to 5 feet 10 inches.

In this video, Gibson is telling how his dating life was getting ruined due to his low height. He told that before the surgery, he took many medicines to increase the height. Not only this, he also took the help of a spiritual doctor to get rid of this problem.

Uber drove at night to get surgery

When Gibson’s height did not increase even after all the efforts, he decided to undergo surgery, but this surgery was very expensive. To arrange the money, he worked as a software engineer during the day and drove an Uber car at night. In this way, in three years, he arranged Rs 60,78938. After undergoing the first surgery in the year 2016, he has spent Rs 80,20,859 in the second surgery.

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He hopes that this will increase his height by 2 inches. He told that after the first surgery, the hesitation I used to have in talking to women was over. Gibson also has a girlfriend now.

the surgery was painful

According to The Cosmetic Lane, to increase Gibson’s height, his tibia and fibula bones were broken and then joined with a screw. After his surgery, Moses now uses a height-enhancing device three times a day. Which slowly separates the cut bone one millimeter at a time.

This process encourages his body to generate new bone tissue, which will fill the gap that has been created by the bone fracture. After this Moses will be 5 feet 10 inches.

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