This is a panacea for dry cough, you can get relief only after eating it once.

Dry Cough Treatment: There is a lot of power in Ayurveda, this panacea treatment will not only cure your dry cough but will also increase your immunity, keep you fit and healthy.

Dry Cough Treatment: This is a panacea for dry cough, you can get relief only after eating it once.

Dry Cough Treatment: most of us these days dry cough Troubled by, this problem gets deeper when the dry cough sticks to the throat as soon as the viral infection goes away and the process of coughing does not stop for 15 days. dry cough usually viral infection happens after.

It seems that something is stuck in the throat and the condition of continuous cough persists, in such a situation there are some things in your kitchen which will cure your raw cough or dry cough in just one day and that thing is clove.

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Clove works best for your throat. Clove reduces swelling or infection in your larynx ie voice box, there is a complaint of throat pain during cough, due to which consuming clove also cures this pain to a great extent.

how to use it

Nowadays 5 out of 10 people only complain of cough, that’s why the easiest thing is to have cloves in your kitchen, roast 10-15 cloves on a pan, then grind it well and then mix it with half a spoon of honey. Consume it after mixing a spoonful of cloves. Do not drink water even by mistake for 15-20 minutes, repeat it 2-3 times, it is such a panacea that you will get relief from dry cough in a day.

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Drinking homemade decoction also gives relief in dry cough, the method of preparation is very easy, take water in a bowl, add 4 cloves, black pepper 4 and a little ginger, boil the water, until the water becomes half. Boil till then, then add half a spoon of honey and drink this decoction.

Can be consumed twice a day

You can consume this decoction twice a day, you can also use Tulsi drop over the decoction. This can also be consumed twice a day. It is very beneficial in dry cough. Even if there is no dry cough or cough, two of these remedies can be tried during the day. Dry cough after viral infection is very troubling, especially sore throat.


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