This beautiful queen used to kill her lovers after sex

There is evidence of many cruel kings in history, so cruel that Seat Used to kill his brothers and sisters, father and even his family for the queens Who was also known for her cruelty along with her beauty. Today we are going to tell you about the queen, she is not only the beauty Rather, she was such an example of wisdom, whose examples are given till generations later.

It is said that even the moon has a stain, such a stain of cruelty is also on that queen, it is said that the beautiful queen used to kill her lovers only after sex. We are talking about Queen Cleopatra of Egypt. The Complete Life of Cleopatra is considered an erotic novel that is full of action.

the queen who used to go crazy

Queen Cleopatra used to make anyone crazy about her, it is said that if Cleopatra was alive today, she might have been one of the most beautiful beauties in the world. She used to attract anyone because of her charisma, intelligence and amazing knowledge. Cleopatra knew many languages, her voice was definitely a bit heavy, but it was so sweet to hear that not only men but also women were attracted towards her.

made sex a weapon

Cleopatra started taking power with her father at the age of 14, after his death she became queen at 18. After this he realized that he needed a weapon to gain a foothold in power, for this he made sex a weapon. She was able to regain the throne by spending nights with Julius Caesar, then she did the same with another lover, Mark Antony. It is said that Cleopatra killed many of her favourites, but did it really happen?

what happened to caesar and mark antony

Cleopatra was indirectly responsible for the death of Caesar and Mark Antony. The queen was held responsible for the death of these two great commanders. In fact, the queen had advised Cezanne to be strict with her subjects, but the Roman elite was not ready for this. Similarly, the queen advised Mark Antony to join the war with Octavian. Rani’s advice became the reason for the death of both of them. Since then, a rumor has spread that the one who spends the night with the queen has to lose his life.

married with brother

After assuming the throne of Egypt, Cleopatra married her younger brother Ptolemy to keep her blood line pure. After this she started ruling with her brother, but after a few months Ptolemy’s name was officially removed from the papers and Cleopatra became an independent queen. According to European poetry praising Cleopatra, she was a successful mathematician, a successful philosopher and also a successful chemist, she had knowledge of many medicines. She also used to write poems.

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