There was a temper on the boundary again, the old glamor of IPL returned after 3 years

Many changes were seen in IPL due to Kovid. Spectators were also banned, but now this league has completely returned to its old style this season and with this the cheerleaders have returned once again.

Cheerleaders return in IPL-2023.

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Ahmedabad: When the IPL started in 2008, there was a tinge of glamor in it. Cheerleaders had added this tempering. Whenever a four-six hit or a wicket fell, these cheerleaders used to go on a small stage and dance. In the beginning there was criticism about this but later the matter calmed down and then every year cheerleaders started appearing in the IPL. Although cheerleaders had disappeared from the field in 2019, but now cheerleaders have returned in IPL-2023. Once again the cheerleaders were seen at the boundary bar.

The first match of IPL-2023 was played between the current winners Gujarat Titans and Chennai Super Kings. With this match, cheerleaders also returned to the IPL. In the first match, cheerleaders were seen dancing on every four and six.

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That’s why she disappeared

Before this season, cheerleaders were seen in IPL in 2019. After this she disappeared for three years. The reason for this was Kovid. There were many changes due to Kovid and this tournament was played in a very strict environment. Home and Away format was also not there in IPL, the audience also disappeared from the field. Similarly, the cheerleaders also disappeared. Now once again the cheerleaders are back. The fans are also very happy to see the cheerleaders and many memes are also going viral on social media.

With this, the IPL has now completely returned to its old color from this season because this year the league is again being played in the Home and Away format. There are spectators on the field and now cheerleaders too.

Rituraj added color

In this match, Chennai batted first and the team’s opener Rituraj Gaikwad thrashed the Gujarat bowlers while batting brilliantly. Rituraj faced 50 balls and scored 92 runs. During this, this batsman hit four fours and nine sixes. In the end, Mahendra Singh Dhoni again showed his mettle and scored 14 runs in 7 balls. He hit a four and a six.

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