Tesla Tribute to Natu-Natu! ‘Car light show’ organized in New Jersey, USA on RRR’s Oscar win

Tesla Tribute To Natu Natu: RRR songs of natu-natu After winning the Oscar, the director of the film SS Rajamouli, Ram Charan, Jr. NTR received congratulations from all sides. However, the way the tribute to this song has been presented in New Jersey, America, congratulations were received from anywhere.

Recently, a tribute to Natu-Natu has been presented in New Jersey through a Tesla car light show, due to which Rajamouli is also very happy and has shared the video on Twitter and expressed happiness. The video starts with an aerial view shot, in which a lot of Tesla cars are seen parked in the parking lot.

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Tribute received like this

Further in the video, it is seen that all the vehicles are parked in the shape of RRR and some people are seen in the middle, who are doing Natu-Natu step. And then the evening scene is seen, where the lights of all the cars are blinking. When the lights of the vehicles are blinking one by one and all the cars are in the shape of RRR, then this view looks very beautiful in the aerial view.

150 Tesla car owners supported

And then when it gets completely dark, after that the song Natu-Natu is played and the lights of the vehicles blink on its tune. Looking at this scene, it seems as if all these Tesla vehicles are dancing on Natu-Natu. At the end of the video, a disclaimer is written that this is a tribute to Natu-Natu, which has been made possible with the support of 150 Tesla car owners.

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Sharing this video, SS Rajamouli said that he is very happy with this tribute received by Natu-Natu in New Jersey. There he thanked for this.

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