Supermodel who stole Donald Trump’s car, flew away with a luxury limousine to go on a date, now revealed

Donald Trump: Janice Dickinson, a famous supermodel of her time, has claimed that she once stole Donald Trump’s luxury car. Although he did not know whose car it was. He came to know later from the newspaper.

Donald Trump and Janice Dickinson

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Janice Dickinson On Donald Trump: Janice Dickinson, who calls herself the world’s first supermodel, has made a big disclosure about her youth. janice dickinson has told during an interview that in order to go on a date, he Donald Trump stole the limousine car.

Janice Dickinson has recently given an interview. In this, he shared a funny incident from the 80s. He told that there was a storm in New York that day. She was to go on a date with John Kennedy Jr. For this, he had stolen Donald Trump’s limousine car.

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Janice grazed Trump’s car while sitting in a blizzard

Janice Dickinson said, “I once stole (Donald) Trump’s limousine without knowing it was his limousine. At that time a snow storm was about to start in New York. There was no cab. I sat for a few hours in that cold but could not find a taxi.

Janice said, “So then I said, come on, get in this limo. I drove him a short distance.” Janice said that she said that she roamed with her friend in that car for some time. There was no one on the road at that time. It was really a storm. She said, “I remember this because I was going to meet John Kennedy Jr. for dinner. And I didn’t want to miss that date.

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Later found out who was the owner of the car

After this he came to know whose car he had stolen. Actually this news was in every newspaper of America. He told that his date with John F. Kennedy Jr. was very good. He said, “I had kissed him.”

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