Storm may deliver ‘catastrophic,’ ‘life-threatening flooding’ to California

California prepares for Hurricane Hilary

Southern California has been issued its first-ever tropical storm watch as Hurricane Hilary continues on its path from the Pacific in the direction of Baja California, Mexico, and the Southwest United States.

The National Hurricane Center mentioned on Saturday that the storm will deliver “catastrophic and life-threatening flooding” via Monday.

The hurricane, which is shifting northwestward at a fee of 16 mph, has sustained winds of 125 mph.

It is anticipated to start impacting the US early on Sunday.

The hurricane will weaken barely because it heads in the direction of Southern California, however continues to be bringing practically unprecedented circumstances.

The final time a serious tropical storm hit the state was in 1939, the place houses have been washed away and 48 individuals have been killed.


Hurricane Hilary downgraded because it approaches California

Hurricane Hilary has been downgraded from a Category 4 to a Category 3 storm as of Saturday morning, although officers nonetheless warn the hurricane may deliver critical climate impacst to Southern California and Mexico within the coming days.

Josh Marcus19 August 2023 20:54


Joe Biden can be in California throughout Hurricane Hilary aftermath

That places the president in the identical state that’s going to be hit with floods, rain, and heavy winds due to Hurricane Hilary.

The president can be monitoring the state of affairs carefully, the White House informed NBC News.

Josh Marcus19 August 2023 20:24


California deserts could possibly be worst-hit in Hilary, officers say

Officials are nervous concerning the uncommon mixture of Hurricane Hilary’s heavy precipitation and California’s dry desert areas, which sit within the storm’s path.

“We’re keeping a very close eye on our desert regions east of San Diego and Los Angeles,” Brian Ferguson, deputy director of the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services, mentioned on Saturday, warning that “some parts of those areas may receive double their yearly amount of water in just a single day.”

Josh Marcus19 August 2023 20:24


Advocates fear LA isn’t doing sufficient to guard homeless from Hilary flooding

Advocates for unhoused individuals in Los Angeles fear the town isn’t doing sufficient to arrange for heavy rains and flooding that may arrive within the metropolis this weekend due to Hurricane Hilary.

“We should be in overdrive right now,” Erin Mauffray of Palms Unhoused Mutual Aid informed LA Public Press.

The Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority mentioned this week it “will continue to identify available beds for unhoused Angelenos and is doing outreach to “people encamped within the flood control areas around the Santa Fe Dam and throughout the San Gabriel River Watershed, following our well-established rapid response protocols.”

Josh Marcus19 August 2023 19:59


Sunday can be Hurricane Hilary’s ‘time frame of most impact’

As Hurricane Hilary heads towards the US, forecasters say Sunday could bring the most dangerous conditions.

By that point, the storm will be above Baja California in Mexico and parts of Southern California and Arizona in the US.

Josh Marcus19 August 2023 19:40


Amazing video shows Hurricane Hilary from space

It all looks so peaceful from up there.

Astronauts aboard the International Space Station got a glimpse of Hurricane Hilary earlier this week, where the powerful tropical storm appeared as a giant white spiraling disk.

Josh Marcus19 August 2023 19:20


California National Guard prepares for arrival of Hurricane Hilary

As Hurricane Hilary heads towards North America, Southern California is bracing for the extremely rare event of a tropical storm hitting its shores.

The California National Guard said on Saturday it “strategically pre-positioned resources” throughout the region ahead of the storm, which is expected to bring heavy rains, winds, and flash flooding.

Josh Marcus19 August 2023 19:00


Hurricane Hilary causes MLB to reschedule multiple games

The inclement weather, which is expected to bring rain, heavy winds, and flooding throughout the Southwest, impacted three Sunday series: the Arizona Diamondbacks versus the San Diego Padres; the Tampa Bay Rays versus the Los Angeles Angels; and the Miami Marlins versus the Los Angeles Dodgers.

The games will all be played on Saturday instead.

“I’m very grateful that they have been proactive within the thought,” Dodgers supervisor Dave Roberts informed “It’s certainly going to be an inconvenience for some people that had Sunday tickets, but to at least get ahead of it made sense to me. … This is crazy. A hurricane, Southern California, this is very unprecedented, clearly. I just want to make sure we get ahead of it, people get safe and it passes us by.”

Josh Marcus19 August 2023 18:40


When will the US begin feeling the consequences of Hurricane Hilary?

Hurricane Hilary is anticipated to make landfall in Mexico on Sunday, however the US would possibly begin feeling the consequences of the storm even sooner.

Rain from Hilary will attain California later Saturday, in accordance with forecasts, and is anticipated to peak on Sunday evening, bringing between 3 and 6 inches throughout Southern California and southern Nevada.

Josh Marcus19 August 2023 18:15


National Hurricane Center warns of ‘catastrophic’ flooding in Southwest

The National Hurricane Center has issued a stark warning concerning the potential results of Hurricane Hilary on Baja California and the Southwestern US.

“Catastrophic and life-threatening flooding” is anticipating to accompany the storm, which is anticipated to hit Mexico on Saturday, the NHC mentioned.

Josh Marcus19 August 2023 18:02

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