Starting with religion, ending with patriotism, these things are special in the trailer of Salman’s film

Names like Dabangg Khan, Bhaijaan and Chulbul Pandey mean the same thing Salman Khan, Salman is going to be seen showing great brotherhood in his upcoming film ‘Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan’. The trailer of the film ‘Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan’ has been released. The trailer begins with a Sanskrit verse. Which brings a seriousness to the story in the minds of the people.

The stars have been given their best dialogues in the entire trailer. In this film, Salman Khan is called by the name Bhaijaan. Although brother, they are only for boys and Jaan is for Pooja Hegde. The light hearted romance of Pooja Hegde and Salman Khan is quite refreshing. That thing is different that the age gap of both is clearly visible. Talking about the story, there is not one but two villains in it.

Salman Khan’s Bhaigiri

Salman Khan is aware of the veins of his fans. He knows very well that his fans love his Bhaigiri. In real life, most people call Salman as Bhaijaan. This is the first time that Salman is bringing a film with this name.

The whole story around Salman Khan

After watching the trailer, one thing is clear that the story of the entire film is going to be seen revolving around him. Shlokas of Salman Khan, Patriotism of Salman Khan, Swag of Salman Khan. Salman Khan’s action, Salman Khan’s body and apart from this, the rest of the characters of the film are also seen chanting Salman-Salman ki mala.

Negative character of boxer Vijender

More than this dialogue ‘Koi jaan deta hai aur koi jaan leta hai’, you need to focus more on the person speaking it. Salman’s film boxer Vijender is also going to be seen. He also has a dialogue and a punch punching scene in the trail.

Shahnaz and Palak are mere characters

There was a lot of buzz about the debut of Shahnaz Gill and Palak Tiwari. But after watching the trailer, it seems that his debut is in discussion only because of Salman Khan’s stardom. Both the characters are just in name in the trailer. Apart from his small glimpses, there was no special meaning of his existence.

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Bhaijaan to be released only in Hindi – Pan India film still made

South culture is also shown in this film of Salman Khan, South style is also a song and South’s actress and villain is also there. But still this film is not going to be released in five languages. Even more special thing is that even without releasing in 5 languages, it has become a big film of Pan India.

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