Spanish FA chief admits kissing footballer on lips ‘tarnished the celebration’ of World Cup win

The Spanish FA chief acknowledged that kissing one of many workforce’s gamers on the lips “tarnished the celebration” of the Women’s World Cup victory.

Luis Rubiales, who can also be a member of Uefa’s ruling govt committee and a vice-president of European soccer’s governing physique, issued a video assertion on Monday after he was pictured kissing footballer Jenni Hermoso on the lips throughout Sunday’s medal ceremony in Sydney after Spain beat England 1-0 within the ultimate.

“We saw it as something natural, normal and not in bad faith, but there are people who this has hurt and I have to apologise. There’s no other way, is there?” he stated within the video shared with Spanish media.

He then acknowledged that the kissing incident had “somewhat tarnished the celebration”.

Spain’s performing minister of tradition and sports activities, Miquel Iceta, labelled Mr Rubiales’ conduct in Australia as “unacceptable”. The minister urged the Spanish FA chief to make clear his behaviour and provide an apology.

Video of the kiss was shared extensively and led to outrage in Spain and overseas.

The minister of equality within the caretaker authorities, Irene Montero, referred to as it “a form of sexual violence that we women suffer on a daily basis and until now has been invisible”.

“We can’t normalise this,” she stated.

Hermoso, nonetheless, addressed the controversy herself and stated Mr Rubiales’ “behaviour with all of us has been outstanding” whereas labelling the kiss as “a natural gesture of affection and gratitude”.

“I didn’t like it,” she had initially stated with fun on an Instagram livestream, in line with stories. But in feedback supplied to information company AFP by the Spanish soccer federation, the footballer clarified her feedback additional.

“It was a totally spontaneous mutual gesture because of the immense joy that winning a World Cup brings,” she stated.

“The president and I have a great relationship, his behaviour with all of us has been outstanding and it was a natural gesture of affection and gratitude.”

Mr Rubiales had initially on Sunday refuted allegations that his actions have been inappropriate.

“It was a kiss between two friends celebrating something,” he stated and labelled these calling his actions inappropriate as “idiots and stupid people”.

“Let’s ignore them and enjoy the good things,” he stated.

He, nonetheless, issued an apology after the backlash.

“There is something I regret, and it was what happened between me and a player, with whom I have a fantastic relationship, just like with the others, where I have certainly made a mistake. I have to admit it.

“In that moment of absolute exultation, without any bad intentions or bad faith, well… that happened. I believe it happened in a very spontaneous way, which I repeat had no bad intentions from either side.

“From that point on, it wasn’t interpreted that way as we carried on as normal, naturally, and again with no ill will between us. But outside of that it seems like it has caused a commotion as it seemed to do damage, so I want to apologise for it, I don’t ask for anything else.”

“There are also some statements on my part in which I said that I think this is idiotic. It was because no one here on the inside gave it the slightest importance, but outside it has been given importance,” he had stated within the Monday video assertion.

“So, I also want to apologise to those people because, if it has been seen differently from the outside, surely they have their reasons.”

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