Small problem of urine infection can become cancer, these are the symptoms

Kidney Disease and Cancer: Kidney disease patients are increasing worldwide. In many cases, kidney disease starts after UTI infection, which later becomes a serious disease.

How to avoid kidney diseases

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Kidney Disease: UTI infection There is a very common problem. This disease occurs due to the presence of dangerous bacteria in the urinary tract. This disease is seen more in women. If its symptoms are not identified and treated on time, then later kidney failure It becomes a disease which can take the form of cancer. In many cases, kidney disease keeps increasing and due to this there is a risk of kidney failure. Doctors advise that the symptoms associated with urine infection should not be taken lightly. Their timely investigation can prevent serious illness.

urologist Dr. Vaibhav Kumar It is said that there is a risk of urine infection even if you do not take care of private hygiene. If urine infection spreads to the kidney, then there is a risk of many other diseases including cancer. Symptoms start appearing in the body only after some time of urine infection. But people do not pay attention to them. Due to which this disease also goes to the kidney through the urinary tract. Dangerous bacteria cause serious damage to the kidney.

These are the symptoms

The most common symptom is pain or burning while passing urine. Some people also have the problem of bad smell coming from the private part. Along with this, there is a sudden sharp pain in the lower abdomen. This problem can happen at any age. Cases of this disease also occur in children. If any such symptoms are seen in the body, then one should go to the hospital. Timely recognition of symptoms can lead to easy treatment. In many cases, urine infection gets cured on its own in a few days, but if this problem persists for a long time, then it should not be neglected.

keep these things in mind

Dr. Vaibhav explains that it is important to take care of private hygiene to prevent UTI infection. With this, it is important to change your underwear daily and use public toilets to a minimum. Do not hold urine for long and drink at least eight glasses of water a day. If any symptoms are visible then immediately consult a doctor. Do not take lightly any problem related to urine.

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