Situation getting worse in Pakistan, flour was being given for free, people broke down on trucks, video of the crowd went viral

Flour Crisis in Pakistan: The condition of Pakistan, which is facing economic crisis, is continuously getting worse. Recently, a video surfaced from there in which it can be seen that the flour kept in the truck was looted.

The people of Pakistan looted the flour.

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Islamabad: suffering from financial crisis Pakistan That the problems are taking the name of being reduced. Even during the days of Ramzan, people are facing struggles even for common things. A video has surfaced highlighting the plight of the citizens there. In which it can be clearly seen. The people there are looting a truck full of flour. According to the information, this incident is from Peshawar, according to the report, this truck had reached to give free flour to the people. But within a short time more people than the sacks of flour reached here.

Many people present in the crowd mounted the truck and started unloading the sack of flour. Shortly after that people looted the entire truck. According to a Pakistani media report, the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government had decided to provide free flour to the poor people under the Ramadan package. For which the government had announced to allocate 19 billion Pakistani rupees.

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PM Shahbaz Sharif announced the Ramadan package

Acting Provincial Food Minister Fazal Elahi said that 92% people of the state will get the benefit of this scheme. Giving further information, he had told that every needy people will get the benefit of this scheme. Recently, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif had announced the Ramzan package in the midst of the country’s severe economic crisis.

The price of flour packet reached Rs 3,100

In Pakistan, which is facing cash crisis, inflation has increased to 41.9 percent in urban areas and 47 percent in rural areas. Talking about last year, this period was 14.3 percent and 14.6 percent respectively. Recently, Taimur Khan, who was a state finance minister of Pakistan, had told that at this time the price of a packet of flour was 800 rupees. It has increased to Rs 3,100.

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