Shraddha Kapoor replied to her die heart fan after 4 years, video

Shraddha Kapoor Crazy Fan Video: Bollywood actress Shraddha Kapoor The fan following is very special and the actress has made many people crazy about her in a very short time. Admiration social media But they are also very popular and people all over the world like them. The actress has a crazy fan following and an example of this is the person to whom Shraddha has recently responded. There is no place for the happiness of a person.

It has been seen on many occasions that the fans are very serious about the stars and are ready to do anything for their favorite stars. There was one such fan of Shraddha Kapoor who was following the actress for a long time. He was continuously messaging Shraddha for the last four years. The fan’s dedication finally paid off and the actress has now commented on the person.

There is no place for the person’s happiness and by sharing the video on Instagram, he has told that Shraddha Kapoor has replied to his message not once but twice. Seeing Shraddha’s message, the person expressed happiness by sharing the video and also told in the video what Shraddha wrote about him.

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The person is saying in the video that- I have won life at this time. Release the manifesto, you will get everything. Thank you Shraddha Kapoor for replying. My day, month, year became everything. I have never changed my celebrity crush since Aashiqui 2 came out and now finally I have got my reply. I am very happy and my friends are also very happy. My fans are also happy for me.

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Please tell that in the video that the person shared about Shraddha Kapoor, he also told that out of happiness, he changed his name as well. Earlier the person was known as Sarcaster and now he has changed his name to Sylocaster because of the happiness of receiving messages from Shraddha. He did this in honor of celebrating this special moment.

are popular on social media

Apart from this, the person also hit the popular dialogue of Shah Rukh Khan’s film. The person said that if you really want something, then the whole universe tries to make you meet it. Talking about the person, he is already quite popular on social media and has more than 1 lakh 60 thousand followers on his Instagram.

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