Shahrukh Khan’s ‘twin’ catch at the boundary, Captain’s 6 feet planning did wonders, Video

IPL 2023: Shahrukh Khan caught the catch of Krunal Pandya and Yudhveer Singh in exactly the same way. He took both the catches at the boundary in two attempts. Sam Karan’s planning was behind this too

Shahrukh Khan took 2 amazing catches.

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New Delhi. Jabra fan of Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan of Punjab Kings got caught with 2 amazing catches. He took the same catch twice in the same match against Lucknow Super Giants. In 14.2 overs, Shahrukh caught Krunal Pandya off Kagiso Rabada. Pandya played the shot over deep mid-wicket, where Shahrukh was standing near the boundary. He took the catch of Pandya, but after that he realized that his balance was deteriorating.

Shahrukh immediately used his mind and tossed the ball in the air and then after coming out of the boundary, he completed the catch and sent the batsman to the pavilion. He took exactly the same catch of Yudhveer Singh in 19.4 overs.

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caught in the second attempt

Yudhveer played a shot towards long on on the ball of Sam Karan. Shahrukh also caught it first near the boundary and before the balance deteriorated, the ball tossed in the air and completed the catch coming out of the boundary. Everyone was stunned to see these two catches of Shahrukh. Took exactly the same catch in a gap of 5 overs. The planning due to which Captain Sam Karan made Shahrukh stand near the boundary was successful.

Planing along the length of the beam

After the end of the innings of Lucknow Super Giants, Shahrukh talked about these two catches and during this time he also disclosed the planning of Sam Karan, who is captaining Shikhar Dhawan in this match. Shahrukh told that before the match, Karan had told him that he would use tall fielders on short boundaries. Shahrukh’s length is also close to 6 and a half feet.

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