Sexual abuse happened with veteran chess player, expressed pain after years, opened many deep secrets

New Delhi. In the world of sports, cases of sexual abuse are coming to the fore every other day. Till now the game of chess was away from it, but in the last few years the situation seems to have changed here too. Eight women of the famous St. Louis Chess Club of America have become grandmasters and star players. alejandro ramirez But accused of talking with the intention of sexual exploitation, after which this player had to resign. After this incident, many women of the chess world have come forward and told the truth.

53-year-old American Grandmaster Suzanne Polgar also shared her experiences of sexual abuse on Twitter and told that in the last 50 years, how many women have been victims of this, but very few women have the courage to come forward and speak up. She herself has become a victim of this.

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Polgar revealed many secrets

Polgar tweeted, “No matter how many times we speak up, nothing happens to sexual abusers. We were considered guilty of this. We were told that we instigate such people. Some things were not believed. It was said that he is doing all this for money and publicity. Has any such person been banned in the chess world till date?

Will have to support the victims

He further said that whenever a woman spoke openly, her career was in jeopardy. There was a danger of being blacklisted on him. He also said that many well-known chess players have been doing this but nothing happened to them. In his tweet, he further wrote, “Whatever the cost, we have to continue this fight so that we can keep our next generation safe. Support such people who come forward and speak openly. No matter how much people try to suppress their voices.

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