Security for PM referred to as into query after Greenpeace activists climb his Yorkshire house

Greenpeace protesters descend from Sunak’s roof following protest

Senior Conservative MPs have raised considerations about Rishi Sunak’s safety preparations, after a gaggle of Greenpeace activists staged an anti-oil protest on the roof his constituency manor home.

The campaigners draped his house with an oil-black material on the prime minister’s North Yorkshire house to protest in opposition to the federal government’s plans to permit licences to be granted for additional growth of North Sea oil and gasoline.

North Yorkshire Police mentioned the activists scaled the roof of his house at about 8am on Thursday, whereas Mr Sunak, his spouse and youngsters had been on vacation in California, and stayed up till round 1.15pm, once they had been arrested, earlier than being launched pending additional enquiries.

A former deputy chief constable from the pressure mentioned it was a “major breach of security”, as he referred to as for an “investigation into how this has been allowed to happen”.

Protester Alex Wilson mentioned: “We’re all here because Rishi Sunak has opened the door to a new drilling frenzy in the North Sea while large parts of our world are literally on fire.”


Greenpeace has acquired ‘both kinds of opinions’ over protest at Sunak’s house

Areeba Hamid, co-executive director of Greenpeace, mentioned the group has acquired “both kinds of opinions” on-line since its protest at Rishi Sunak’s constituency house.

She advised Sky News: “Protests are disruptive by nature, for the amount of comments that we have received online saying we don’t agree with you, an equal amount of people are saying ‘this was brilliant, you made your point, it was peaceful, it didn’t disrupt normal people’s everyday lives, you took it to the home of the decision maker’.

“So there’s both kinds of opinions, also, it’s important to remember that this is just one tactic that organisation like Greenpeace use, I often describe Greenpeace as a Swiss army knife.”

She added: “I think the point that we want to make is Rishi Sunak needs to be held accountable for this decision and we need to hold politicians accountable when they make terrible decisions like these.”

Andy Gregory4 August 2023 13:05


Exclusive: Chris Packham accuses Sunak of enjoying ‘political football’ with inexperienced insurance policies

Chris Packham has accused Rishi Sunak of utilizing the setting as a “political football” as he points a stark warning to the federal government’s “astonishing and disappointing” oil and sea agenda.

The wildlife presenter and naturalist has given the main political events an ultimatum to cease sanctioning future licensing of oil and gasoline or danger dropping votes in a brand new marketing campaign he launches at the moment.

My colleague Maryam Zakir-Hussain has his unique remarks right here:

Andy Gregory4 August 2023 12:28


Watch: Hunt recognises ‘fear for households’ as he reacts to Bank of England price rise

Hunt recognises ‘fear for households’ as he reacts to Bank of England price rise

Andy Gregory4 August 2023 11:59


Calls to assessment Rishi Sunak’s safety preparations after local weather protesters scale his house

Questions have been raised concerning the prime minister’s safety preparations after Greenpeace activists scaled his house in protest at new fossil fuels drilling, our coverage correspondent Jon Stone reviews.

Health minister Maria Caulfield mentioned on Friday that it will not be “responsible” for her to touch upon Rishi Sunak’s safety preparations, as police mentioned there was “no threat to the wider public” from the demonstration.

But former house secretary Priti Patel urged her successor Suella Braverman to launch a direct assessment into the PM’s safety preparations.

“This raises some very serious questions around how the home of a sitting prime minister has been accessed in this way, to the extent that political campaigners and activists have been able to trespass on his property and physically gain access,” she advised the Daily Mail newspaper.

And former Tory chief Sir Iain Duncan Smith mentioned he believed safety “doesn’t seem to know how to protect the house of the Prime Minister”, including: “There has to be an inquiry into what the hell was going on.”

Andy Gregory4 August 2023 11:37


Protest was ‘carefully and meticulously’ deliberate, says Greenpeace

Greenpeace has mentioned it deliberate its protest “carefully and meticulously” and wouldn’t have completed it if Rishi Sunak was there.

“It was an empty home, the fact that he wasn’t there was actually national news, everybody knows that he wasn’t there,” mentioned Ms Hamid.

“We made sure, in fact we wouldn’t have done it if he was there because our intention was to draw attention to the fact that what he’s doing on climate is actually a big disaster, rather than to talk about his family or where he lives, so that was the entire point.

“Security is a big part of whatever we do, we planned it carefully and meticulously, we knew he wasn’t going to be there.

“We knocked on the door to make sure that there was nobody there, initially there was no response, then we got a response, we told them who we were. So this was quite a peaceful, calm thing to make a very important point.”

Andy Gregory4 August 2023 11:15


Tory minister seems to concede Labour will win subsequent election

A Conservative authorities minister has appeared to concede that Labour will win the subsequent election throughout an look on TV information.

Maria Caulfield was accused of a “poor choice of words” after seemingly portray a Labour victory on the subsequent election as an inevitability.

Speaking on Sky News the well being minister mentioned folks could be afraid of what Labour would do “when they get into government”.

Our coverage correspondent Jon Stone has extra:

Andy Gregory4 August 2023 10:42


Sadiq Khan’s Ulez help has ‘not touched the sides’, claims minister

Sadiq Khan’s announcement of monetary help to ease the impression of the ultra-low emission zone (Ulez) has “not touched the sides”, a well being minister has mentioned.

Maria Caulfield advised Sky News: “I don’t think it touched the sides of people’s concerns. I think he’s reacting to why Labour didn’t win the Uxbridge by-election. £2,000 is nothing if you’re having to replace your car.”

Andy Gregory4 August 2023 10:14


MPs’ safety ‘always a concern’, says minister

The safety of MPs is “always a concern”, well being minister Maria Caulfield has mentioned, when requested about protesters concentrating on Rishi Sunak’s house.

Ms Caulfield advised LBC’s Nick Ferrari: “MPs overall do have security concerns.

“We’re coming up in October to two years since our good colleague Sir David Amess was murdered, so yes, security around MPs is always a concern.”

Andy Gregory4 August 2023 09:48


Tory minister speaks of ‘when Labour get into government’

Health minister Maria Caulfield has claimed that persons are fearful about what’s going to occur with London’s ultra-low emission zone “when [Labour] get into government”.

She was picked up on the obvious mistake by Sky News presenter Anna Jones, who mentioned: “You said when Labour get into government, I assume you mean if they get into government?”

“Well absolutely, that’s the concern that people have,” Ms Caulfield replied.

Andy Gregory4 August 2023 09:20


People needs to be ‘proud’ of Sunak roof protest, says XR activist

People needs to be “proud” of the Greenpeace protest on the roof of Rishi Sunak’s constituency manor home, a local weather activist from one other marketing campaign group has mentioned.

Jon Fuller, of Extinction Rebellion, advised LBC: “I do think it is a very, very sad situation we’ve got ourselves into here where this actually happens and people feel that it’s necessary.”

He added: “We are seeing an awful lot of damage being done to property because of climate change. So people are going to get frightened, young people are very frightened indeed.

“They see on the government’s website this message of adapt or die, and they see the government isn’t adapting, so that fear just grows and grows. So what are people supposed to do? I think we should be proud of them because they’re not violent.”

Andy Gregory4 August 2023 09:02

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