School or wage school? Master Sahab called for soil from 3 km away in the scorching sun

The teacher got the children to workImage Credit source: NewsNCR Hindi

UP Government School: A case of vandalism on children by a teacher of primary school number 3 of Sasni block area of ​​Hathras district has come to the fore. In the scorching sun, the work of transporting soil from many kilometers has been done in the scorching sun by making innocent children work as laborers instead of studying. Not only this, when a media person questioned the teacher regarding this work, the teacher abused the media person while snatching his phone.

Let us tell you that in Sasni tehsil area of ​​Hathras district, the students are being made wages by the teacher of primary school number 3 of Sasni block area, Narendra Kumar. When the matter came to the fore, the Basic Education Officer has ordered an inquiry.

wages in the hot sun

A video was made by the local media personnel of the children doing the work of carrying soil. In this context, when the teacher was asked after going to the school, the teacher first started saying that soil has been brought from nearby, but when the media person told the full evidence that soil is being brought from 5 children from 3 kilometers away, which is proof.

While on the one hand, the central and state governments are trying to provide 100 percent education in schools and colleges by running all kinds of schemes to remove illiteracy from the country. At the same time, government schemes are failing because of such teachers. Because the parents are sending less children to government schools and they are being made to work instead of studying in the school, then it will have the opposite effect.

Basic Education Officer

Getting soil from small children 3 kilometers away in the hot sun can now be a burden for the teacher. District Basic Education Officer Rahul Pawar has formed an inquiry committee and it is believed that a report has been called soon. He has assured that soon action will be taken against the accused teacher.

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