Satish Kaushik’s manager had trouble breathing before his death, such was the condition of the actor in his last moments

Recently, a video of late actor Satish Kaushik’s manager has surfaced after the funeral. In which he is saying that at the last moment he had complained of difficulty in breathing.

Satish Kaushik

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Satish Kaushik Manager: Satish Kaushik saying goodbye to the whole world at the age of 66 is hurting everyone. Due to his passing, Hindi cinema has lost a great personality. On 7 March 2023, he celebrated his last Holi at Shabana Azmi’s house. But, how did anyone know that after two days on March 9, he would not be there. Today Shaan himself has merged with the actor Panchatattva. Last farewell was given to his dead body at Versova Ghat. Meanwhile, a video of his manager has surfaced. In which he is sharing the last moments of Satish Kaushik.

Actually, Instance Bollywood has recently shared a video on its official Instagram. In which media personnel are seen asking questions from their manager. In the video, the manager is seen saying that on March 9, around 12.10 pm, Satish Kaushik had complained to his manager about uneasiness. He told that he is having trouble breathing. After which the manager immediately took him to Fortis Hospital. There, the team of doctors present tried hard to save the actor. But, finally, after lakhs of attempts, he lost his life.

Watch the manager’s video here

The manager further said that he was sleeping around 12:10. He had shortness of breath while sleeping, after which he complained to the manager. In a question, he was asked who else was staying with him in the wreath. On which the manager said that no one was there only I was there. Please tell that there are reports that Satish Kaushik’s party was going on with Kuber’s manager, who was also present in the hospital. The manager has completely rejected this thing.

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