Salt will kill 7 million people in 7 years! Be careful now…

No matter how delicious the food is, if there is no salt in it according to the taste, then there is no meaning of shame. If the salt is less, then it spoils the taste and if it is in excess, then the health. Now world health organization in a report of Salt We have been told about such a danger of which we are not ignorant, but we are certainly careless. So carefree that it is of our life anytime Enemy Can be made.

According to the WHO report, if excessive use of salt is not limited in time, then in the next 7 years, more than 70 lakh people may lose their lives due to diseases caused by salt. Through this report, an appeal has been made to the governments that if the salt content is clearly written on the packaged food, then it should also be clarified that how much sodium is required for our body. Apart from this, WHO has also appealed to increase awareness about the dangers of eating more salt.

Salt causes millions of deaths every year

Excessive intake of salt causes problems like heart attack, stroke, high BP. According to the statistics of WHO, about 1 crore 80 lakh people die every year due to heart related diseases, in India this figure is more than 20 lakh. In many of these cases, salt is responsible, apart from this, 50 lakh people lose their lives due to stroke. According to Francis Branca, director of the nutrition department of the World Health Organization, if we talk about death due to sodium overdose alone, about 1.8 million people die every year. Apart from this, there are many who fall in the grip of serious diseases. If the governments want, they can save the lives of many of them. Mandatory limit of salt should be implemented especially on processed and packaged food. This can incredibly save lives without costing any money.

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Why is excessive consumption of salt dangerous?

If the consumption of salt per person is seen worldwide, then about 10.8 grams of salt is used per person, which is more than double the limit recommended by WHO. It has been advised by the Center of Disease to use only one teaspoon of salt per person. Actually salt is an essential nutrient, but the sodium it contains narrows and hardens the blood vessels of the body which can cause heart attack, stroke, obesity, kidney and other diseases.

starts with high blood pressure

When salt shows side effects in the body, it starts with high blood pressure, this would be an indication for us that we should stop using more salt now. Professor Graham McGregor of Queen Mary University of London said that when we keep excess salt in the body, it can make us a victim of high BP, which later causes many diseases.

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Many health organizations have warned

Prior to the WHO, several health organizations have warned against overuse of salt, including the American Heart Association, the American College of Cardiology, the National Academies of Sciences and Engineering and Medicine. All of them recommend reducing the intake of salt. Although WHO claims that despite several appeals to the member countries, only 9 countries have made efforts in this regard, which is only 5% compared to the member countries.

Biggest danger from packaged food

According to the Food and Drug Administration of America, the biggest source of salt is packaged food. That’s why there is no use in advising people to use less salt in their homes, because people are already aware. Although people are more negligent in the case of packaged and processed food, more than 70% of the salt in the world’s diet is coming from packaged and processed food.

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