Salman’s befitting reply to those who said VFX 8 packs, said- Effort was only ..

Salman Khan Slams The Trollers: Many times attempts are made to troll Salman Khan’s films on social media. It was being said for some time that Salman shows 6 packs with the help of VFX.

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Salman Khan Reacted On VFX 6 Packs: Bollywood actor Salman Khan Much awaited film ofsomeone’s brother someone’s life The trailer has been released. The trailer of the film is very much liked by the audience. Salman Khan is looking very fit in this film. Salman’s 6 packs during the trailer launch vfx Making fun of those who say this, Salman said that this performance is not because of VFX but due to the hard work of Dengue and COVID.

In fact, while launching the trailer of Dabangg Khan’s upcoming film Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan, Salman has shared many things related to the shooting of the film. The audience also got to see Salman’s iconic shirtless scenes in the trailer. After which the fans have once again started becoming the uncle of Bhai Jaan’s abs.

Watch the trailer video of the movie Kisi Ki Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan here

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In the press conference, the 57-year-old Dabangg actor unbuttoned his shirt to show his fit body to the fans. During this, Salman said that “Tumhare ko lagta hai VFX se hota hai.” Salman’s video is going viral on social media. With this video, Salman has proved that there is no shortcut to fitness except hard work.

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Salman, who further impressed everyone with his fit body, joked that his performance was affected by dengue and covid. Also, he told that it was necessary to make the body before the climax of the film. Salman claims that his film is not only excellent but also better than the best.

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