Salman Khan’s ‘Lucky Charm’ bracelet seen in Aamir Khan’s hand, fans said

Aamir Khan Video: Seeing Bollywood superstar Salman Khan and Aamir Khan together is no less than a surprise for the fans. In such a situation, once again this pair is in discussion.

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supper star Salman Khan Everyone knows about K’s lucky charm. Salman’s blue stone bracelet is also considered his identity. For the past several years, the Dabangg Khan of Bollywood does not go anywhere without this bracelet. It is also believed that Salman gifts the same bracelet as himself to those whom he likes from his heart as good luck. Salman Khan considers it his lucky charm.

This bracelet was gifted to Salman Khan by his father Salim Khan in the early days of his acting. Since then till today the actor has worn it. But once again this bracelet is being discussed because this time it has been seen in the hand of another superstar as well. In fact, this time when Salman Khan came to Galaxy’s balcony on the occasion of Eid, his bracelet was missing from his hand during this time.

But when it was noticed, it was found that this bracelet is in the hands of another superstar Aamir Khan. However, it was surprising that what Salman’s lucky charm was doing in Aamir’s hands. A video of Aamir is going viral on social media. This video is from the previous day when Aamir was celebrating Eid. During this, when he posed for paparazzi, Salman Khan’s signature bracelet was seen in his hand. Aamir was also seen flaunting it.

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When Aamir Khan reached Arpita Sharma’s Eid party late at night, he was still wearing this bracelet. However, it is also believed that Salman Khan has gifted a new bracelet to Aamir Khan. Salman also shared a picture with Aamir late at night and wished everyone Chand Mubarak. However, after this video surfaced, now fans are speculating that this pair can be seen together once again. Social media users believe that Salman and Aamir can be seen together in a project.

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