Salman Khan launched, then the name associated with his actress, who is this child seen in the lap?

Celebs Childhood Photo: All the small and big stars of the film world, sometimes because of their films and sometimes because of their personal life. social media But they keep making headlines. At the same time, many times his old pictures also go viral, on which the fans shower a lot of love. today we have one such for you Bollywood Have brought the childhood picture of the actor. Can you spot him?

The picture we are talking about was once shared by Salman Khan with his fans through his Twitter. It is a very old photo, in which Salman Khan is also seen in a very young age. There a small child is seen in his lap. Although that child is a Bollywood actor today. Can you tell her name? Let us give some hints.

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Salman Khan launched

The actor whose picture is here today is 34 years old and looks quite handsome. While there she made her Bollywood debut in the year 2019. And it was Salman Khan who launched him in Bollywood. Salman produced a film for her, in which she played the lead role.

Name associated with Sonaksha Sinha

At the same time, the name of that actor is also associated with Sonaksha Sinha, the actress of Salman Khan’s film Dabangg. Often it seems that both are dating each other. However, neither of the two ever spoke about the affair. Have you still not recognized him? Let’s give one more hint. He has also appeared in the 2022 film Double XL alongside Sonakshi and Huma Qureshi.

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Let us now tell you the name of that actor. The child seen in Salman Khan’s lap in the picture is none other than Zaheer Iqbal, who made his Bollywood debut in the year 2019 through the film Notebook. Let me tell you, Zaheer is very close to Salman Khan. Whereas Salman Khan produced his debut film.

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