S Jaishankar Criticises Opposition over China border issue

Indian External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar criticized the Opposition’s criticism of the government’s handling of national security matters, including the border dispute with China. He emphasized that the government has consistently focused on strengthening border infrastructure. During a conversation with reporters, Jaishankar sarcastically remarked that those who neglected border infrastructure cannot legitimately claim concern about the border situation with China.

S Jaishankar Criticises Opposition over China border issue

Jaishankar highlighted the importance of actions over mere rhetoric in the political realm. He noted that significant efforts have been made to improve India’s border infrastructure. He pointed out that China had already developed its border infrastructure by 2000, putting India at a disadvantage. He cited the example of the Galwan clash in 2020, stating that India’s ability to respond promptly was improved compared to what it would have been in 2014. He explained that effective logistics are crucial when facing head-to-head conflicts.

The Galwan clash in June 2020 resulted in a sharp deterioration of bilateral relations between India and China. The ongoing standoff in eastern Ladakh has continued for over three years, despite diplomatic and military negotiations that led to disengagement from some areas. India has communicated to China that progress in their relationship depends on achieving peace and tranquillity along the border.

Jaishankar highlighted that the Indian armed forces are now better equipped to swiftly deploy troops and respond effectively to movements by the Chinese military. This enhanced capability has been developed to counter potential threats along the border.

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