Rs 700 two-in-one machine, will also kill mosquitoes and also work as a night lamp

Here we are talking about mosquito killer lamps. These machines not only work as lamps, but also kill mosquitoes. Let’s know about the machines available in the budget of Rs 700.

Mosquito Killer (PS: Flipkart)

With the rise of summer comes the problem of mosquitoes. Don’t know how many times there will be chances when mosquitoes make your gold poor. To avoid them, tortoises run machines like incense sticks (coils) or all-out. However, they cannot be used for long. Most of the people have trouble with these smoky things. Especially if there are children in the house, then the use of these things should be avoided.

Now many electric machines have come in the market by which mosquitoes can be destroyed. The good thing is that there will be no smoke from them. Also, no maintenance is required for them. At the same time, their cost is also not very high. Here we are telling about similar machines, which you can buy from Amazon and Flipkart.

How Mosquito Killer Lamps Work

You can sleep peacefully by turning it on at night. As mosquitoes go more to the light place. When you switch off all the lights and turn on this machine, mosquitoes will be drawn towards it. As soon as mosquitoes reach near it the machine will burn them. Apart from mosquitoes, these machines can also eliminate other small insects. These machines can be used anywhere inside and outside the house.

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You can buy Mosquito lamps from Flipkart

Hemovia Mosquito

Hemovia Mosquito (PS: Flipkart)

By the way, there are many mosquito lamp options available on Flipkart. Since the budget is Rs 700, you can buy Hemovia Mosquito Killer Lamp. This machine burns with a light violet light. A battery has been provided in it, which you can charge as per the need.

Mosquito killer is also available in Amazon

Lacossi Electronics (1)

Lacossi Electronics (PS: Amazon)

LACOSSI Electronic Led Mosquito Killer is available on Amazon for Rs.699. USB charging wire is available with this machine. This means you can run it by connecting it to power bank or laptop.

Note: Here we are showing you only some options of mosquito killer machines. You can also choose other products as per your convenience.

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