Right now it is the first punishment in 100 crimes, life will pass by listening to the verdict

mafia don turned leader Prayagraj’s MP/MLA court to Ateeq Ahmed Has been sentenced to life imprisonment. Three people, including Atiq Ahmed, have been sentenced to life imprisonment after being convicted in the Umesh Pal kidnapping case. Atiq Ahmed is also accused of plotting the murder of Umesh Pal while in Sabarmati Jail. Ateeq was lodged in Sabarmati Jail since 2019. From where Prayagraj was brought for hearing.

Umesh Pal kidnapping case is about 17 years old. This incident is of 28 February 2006. Atiq has now been sentenced in the Umesh Pal kidnapping case of 2006, so it can be understood that there are 99 cases registered against him, which are yet to be heard and decided and how long it will take. Let’s take a look at some big criminal cases against Atiq.

Chand Baba murder case

Atiq Ahmed entered the world of crime at the age of seventeen. In the year 1979, the first case of murder was registered against him. It is said that in the seventies, there was a fear of Chand Baba in and around Allahabad. His gang was known for illegal recovery in the district. During this, Atiq befriended Chand Baba.

In the assembly elections of 1989, the enmity between the two started increasing. Actually both stood in the election together. But Chand Baba was badly defeated and Atiq Ahmed won the election. It is said that after this Atiq Ahmed started increasing his influence. All the operatives of his gang including Chand Baba were gradually eliminated. Since then Atiq Ahmed started being called the only mafia don there.

Raju Pal murder case

After removing Chand Baba and his gang from his way, Atiq Ahmed conspired to eliminate Raju Pal. Because Raju Pal was starting to become a challenge for him in the world of politics. Although Raju Pal was earlier a part of his own gang. But in the year 2004, during the assembly by-election in Allahabad West, the two turned against each other.

After becoming MP from Phulpur, Atiq Ahmed fielded his brother Ashraf in the by-election for Allahabad West seat but he had to face defeat from Raju Pal, who contested on BSP ticket. After which Raju Pal was murdered on 25 January 2005. At that time Raju Pal was riding in Scorpio. Sandeep Yadav and Devi Lal, who were sitting in the car, also died in the firing incident. A case of this murder is going on against Atiq and Ashraf.

Ashraf and Nasson’s murder

Before the murder of Raju Pal, a case of murder of Nasson had been registered against Atiq Ahmed in the year 2002 and in the year 2004, Atiq had also killed Ashraf, who was said to be close to BJP leader Murli Manohar Joshi. It is believed that whoever used to accuse Atiq or raise any question was killed. From 1986 to 2007, more than a dozen cases were registered against him under the Gangsters Act.

The name also came in the guest house scandal

Atiq Ahmed is a mafia don of UP with a high profile criminal record, who also has political clout. His name also figured in the Lucknow guest house incident in June 1995. His name was also among those who attacked Mayawati. Although later many were forgiven in this scandal, but Atiq was not forgiven.

As long as life, court affair

Apart from murder and conspiracy to commit murder, Atiq Ahmed also faces serious charges of kidnapping, extortion and forcible possession of property. Cases have been registered against Atiq on all these matters. On which hearing is to be held. According to police sources, there are 160 cases registered against Atiq Ahmed’s entire family, in which he alone has more than a hundred cases.

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